Colchester based 4-piece Anorak Patch got onto the 6Music playlist with previous single 'Irate' and had a lot of support in particular from Steve Lamacq. The follow-up is 'Blue Jeans', which sounds nothing like you would expect from the song title. With a dark, chaotic opening it falls into an atmospheric gypsy-like rhythm before kicking into full-on grungy guitars and drums. Half-way through the pace slows and there is a mystical interlude, before ramming right up again. There is a hypnotic undercurrent but it still has that indie wild edge and the combination of the two is just electrifying. I have to say I have no idea where 'Blue Jeans' fits in, but it really doesn't matter. This is more like a snake charmer at work, weaving the magic and holding your attention. There is a sense of danger and excitement in this track as you are pulled into its spell. Anorak Patch have stated that they have drawn inspiration here from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and At The Drive In but the sound here is more complex than those full-on rock outfits.

It is astonishing to discover that Anorak Patch formed at High School in late 2019. Much has been made of the fact that drummer Luca Ryland is just 14 years old but trust me do not let this put you off. Along with brother Oscar (guitar), keyboardist Effie Lawrence and bass player Eleanor Halliwell, the young 4-piece are more than deserving of the accolades they are beginning to garner.

'Blue Jeans' is now out via Nice Swan Records.
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