Let me introduce you to London-based Beige Banquet who just released his debut single ‘WIRED/WEIRD’ on Just Step Sideways Records.
You may ask what Beige Banquet is? A Beige Banquet is a meal consisting of mostly frozen food within a similar beige colour palette. Think chips, chicken nuggets, fish fingers and potato waffles; a staple of many working-class children in the mid-90s.
Beige Banquet is the solo project of guitarist and vocalist Tom Brierley, who originates from West Yorkshire. However like so many, 2020 has not gone to plan, and so he switched from performing the music he had made in the early part of the year to recording it in his East London bedroom. Hence a self- produced debut album is ready for release early next year.
I have to tell you though, there is nothing beige about this track. Sharp, angular, art punk at its finest. There is a real DEVO influence here, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Falls “Totally Wired”. Not just because of the obvious reason of using the same word in the title, but because of the vocal style too. Half sung and half spoken. Its juttering, stuttering style would be perfect on the dancefloor. Think Working Men’s Club but with an even more cutting edge. There is an electronic backdrop which gives it a dance groove and this gets progressively stronger as the track progresses. By the end I was just singing “Wired / Weird” at the top of my voice, which felt bloomin marvellous by the way…..
Check out the video for the single here:
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