Good old Rock n Roll, with a heavy grungy twist. Birdman Cult have released their new single ‘Roll Em Up And Tuck It In’ via Donut Records.
The Bristol 5-piece are encouraging self-expression rather than conformity. Take pride in following your heart rather than following the crowd. Just take a deep breath, launch in and don’t be afraid to look like a fool. Nothing ventured absolutely nothing gained. ‘Roll Em Up And Tuck It In’ wants us not to be fashion victims but to be true to ourselves. We live in an age of social media where there is a bombardment of messages and images on Instragram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter etc etc. Wearing certain T-shirts just because you think it’s cool, is really not.
“Bro…Your about as unique as the rest of them, your working hard to seem so effortless,
Always conforming to the Roll ‘Em Up And Tuck It In, Roll ‘Em Up And Tuck It In.”
This track is full of confidence-building bluster and swampy grungy guitars. A heavy bassline which you can feel through the floor. The vocals are laid back and effortless but there is a real soulfulness to the delivery. The reverb at the end just rounds it all off perfectly…
Check out Birdman Cult’s previous singles ‘Janet’, ‘Snakes’ and ‘Time’.
And remember to be yourself. Its more than good enough…..
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