London's art-rock outfit Bollars return with dystopian new single 'Crimestopping'.
Photo Credit: Mars Washington & Jonny Dickens
Photo Credit: Mars Washington & Jonny Dickens
'Crimestopping', which was released 15th September and follows their debut EP “Harbour Dance". It questions a society, who is being encouraged to police itself, its communities and the most vulnerable, to over analyse and remove the human: “It’s not deep dive, it’s not news night”. 
Instrumentally, it is a relentless fusing of guitars, mixed with underlying electronic textures and atmospheric moments.
Lyrically it presents a darkness in the track’s storytelling, a built up of anxiety and tension to the point where there is nothing left to do but run from the unfolding dystopian nightmare.
Vocalist Jonny Dickens notes:
"We went into the studio once again with our great friend James Traylen, who I think by now has earned the title of ‘long term collaborator’. There’s a lot of moving parts to this track, a lot of rhythms and melodies intersecting and overlapping each other but in a way that I would say feels quite rigid and calculated. There is a clear shift in this song, lyrically and musically, about half way in. It’s a direct attempt to musically represent a sort of societal collapse or descent into unknown territory."
The accompanying video sees vocalist Jonny Dickens lost in a world of multi-level surveillance, a Big Brother-esque universe where it is unclear whether the protagonist is being policed or policing:
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