2020 will surely go down as one shitstorm of a year. A global pandemic and political turmoil will inevitably be reflected in the music being made today. Punk still provides a voice for disillusionment with the current world order. Cat SFXs second single “Reunite” screams out against social injustice. Cat SFX is the joint band and brainchild of Anglo-Italian artist Caterina Speranza and Gordon Mills. On this track, written in half a day, Cat was able to articulate her pent-up fury at poverty and inequality. At under 3 minutes it is an explosion of emotion. She rails against issues including the increase in the need for food banks while government lines their pockets, high rent prices while the rich buy houses and leave them empty and integrated racism and homophobia. The delivery is razor sharp and has glorious harmonies, along with of guitars and drums full of power and fury. The lyrics are spat out by someone who is obviously disgusted by those in charge. It is confrontational and thought provoking, and exactly what we need to hear.
Cat had previously caught the ear of Alan McGee with her first band The Vincent Fiascos. Now older, wiser and angrier Cat and Gordon (Drums) are joined by Patrick Murphy (guitar) and Jacob Morris (bass). It was during the filming of McGee's “Creation Stories” that Cat and McGee reconnected, and he was impressed with her new material. And so a deal was struck for a number of releases on his label Creation23. McGee's original plan for Creation23 was to release only singles and moves are afoot in 2021 to produce albums. Fingers-crossed Cat SFX are one of his bands at the top of his list.
Check out the video for the latest single here:
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