Children of the Pope are a six-piece from South America and Europe currently based in South London.
Brazilians João Oliveira (vocals, guitar) and drummer Fells Guevara are the original core of the band. Music was their first love and they found themselves in South London via Portugal with a commitment to fulfil this intent. The rest of the line-up includes Deniz (keyboards), Lizzy (bass), Callum (guitar) and Karolina (occasional vocals). Since forming in early 2019 their gigs at the Windmill Brixton have been an unforgettable, almost a religious experience! Seriously how wonderful does that sound right now………
Their current single 'Dying Cold' is a wild ride full of dirty guitars and haunting vocals. It starts quite tame, well for about 3 bars then a screeching guitar makes you realise this is gonna be raucous. The thrashing drums are just fantastic, but it is that keyboard that makes this track stand out. This is grungy stompy garage music but that piano keyboard is played at top speed. With so much guitar music around at the moment, it is a very cool addition to the sound, and quite rightly has the final say on 'Dying Cold'.

The B side is a cover of Turkish Song 'Dede Efendi'. Reminding me of a carousel, this is a folky instrumental which I know the moshpit would love as part of their musical education.
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