'Hollow Scene' is the second single of the year released by deep tan. The all-female 3 piece are dripping in atmosphere with a dark, electronic soundscape with vocals and lyrics that are delectable as they are appealing. 'Hollow Scene' has a constant beat throughout which is quirky and gets those shoulders twitching in unison. The lyrics are about the relatable theme of handling life with a certain level of detachment in order to navigate its path. We need to be true to ourselves but at times that can be exhausting.

"I follow and I fantasize, I swallow swallow all the lies and its hollow in my eyes."

deep tan are three friends from Hackney, comprised of Wafah (lead singer and guitarist), Celeste and Lucy (both on rhythm section). Quoting such diverse influences as Scissor Sister, The Cure and Primus gives us a glimpse into the musical world of the band.
When asked by DIY Mag what people could take away from their music, Celeste responded: 'We’re interested in contrasts. We’ll push a sound or lyric to, say, the darkest element that feels right for the song and will then pull back and explore what feels right on the other side, and feel out what else is happening in between. The contrasts are different every time though, like new rules in a game we’re playing as we’re writing. Or a puzzle. A song’s finished when we feel like we’ve worked out something specific as part of the process.'

deep tan are signed to Practise Music and label-mates include Squid. Debut EP 'Creeping Speedwells' will be out on 4th June.

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