One of the hits of the pre-lockdown era (remember then??) was four-piece Do Nothing’s track “Lebron James”. 
It was a quirky song which had instant appeal and garnered a lot of support for Nottingham's Do Nothing, particularly as it was a different sound from many of their contemporaries.  
They toured at the start of the year opening for Marika Hackman, and then the world fell apart and they were in lockdown along with the rest of us
April saw them release their debut EP 'Zero Dollar Bill' and now they are back with new track “Glueland”. This is a much denser, more guitar driven sound and perhaps influenced by the current situation.  Frontman Chris Bailey states ““The song refers to the feeling of being stuck in some kind of weird limbo-land.”  Seriously could anybody put it better?!? That’s exactly how most of us feel right now. The lyrics refer to the inability of those in control to take strong decisions.  “There is no devil like the man in the middle”. And how prophetic with recent events in Downing Street, “I should've seen him going, why did he string me on. If he had his heart set on going all along.”

Chris has such a distinct vocal, a more art-house, indie sound which has been the dominate feature on many of Do Nothing’s previous tracks. However on “Glueland” the guitars and drums are more prominent and about two-thirds in this ramps up the noise with the vocals getting ever more emotional until an abrupt finish.

Wouldn’t it be perfection if this is how this current situation ends….abruptly.
Check out the video for previous single "Contraband" here:
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