You may ask what is “Project: Leave the Capital”?? 
It's a DIY approach to support artists and the grassroot music scene. It will come as a 4-Track vinyl EP and UK tour. The record boasts 4 of the finest bands/artists from the local melting pot of talent and is in collaboration with Blaggers Records, Blender, Transmission Indie and Vandalism Begins At Home.
The project will be funded through a kickstarter program. There are bundles and pledges that be can pre-ordered which will help to release the record as a 12" vinyl in 2022.
You can get involved here:
JW PARIS and Tragic were handpicked by the project team. LUNA ROSA and Seven Sentinels were selected by the judging panel comprised of of Hana Staddon (BBC Radio 6 Music), Gareth Barber (Bedford Esquires), Danny Watson (CDP Promo) and Suzanne Fletcher (Musicians Against Homelessness). 
Who are the artists/bands involved?!
JW Paris:
Alternative rock trio from London. Their singles 'Favourite Thing' and 'Royalty' gained national and international radio play from BBC 6 Music, Absolute Radio and Radio X. They have supported the likes of The Amazons, Yonaka, Avalanche Party and The Blinders. Their unreleased track 'Electric Candle Light' will be on the Leave The Capital EP. Have a listen here.
Northampton punk trio Tragic is comprised of Cameron Godfrey (vocals/guitar), Bryan Walker (bass) and Lewis O’Grady (drums). Their musical influences come from bands like Meat Wave and Metz. Latest EP “Splendid” was released 21st of August (you can have a listen here).
Luna Rosa:
Alt quartet hailing from Northamptonshire, blending raw & frenzied tones with post-punk. Demonstrating the beauty in the cynicism of a disenchanted British youth (
Seven Sentinels:
Hip-hop project. Dystopian anthem 'I Am the City' will give you an insight of what to expect. (check it out here).
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