Gloo released new track 'Big Smoke' on Friday 16th April via Hassle Records. This is the third single with producer Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Jamie T, The Ghost Of A Thousand) and it was recorded in the summer of 2020, which will forever be known as the summer of local lockdowns, travel bans and COVID restrictions. It opens with a guitar riff that is immediately ear-catching! Followed by drumsticks catching the beat, and then into those brilliant shouty vocals which scream of frustration but also have a massive dollop of humour. I loved the aspirational lyrics “I want to live in the countryside, buy a house” “I don’t care if it ruins my life, live in the countryside.” But this is sung with a punky vibe which just made me laugh. The dancey chorus of 'Big Smoke' is perfect for the moshpit and Gloo will have their first gig of the year at London’s Signature Brew Taproom on Friday 28 May. The tracks winds down at the end as if chasing your tail to reach certain achievements is totally exhausting and you will simply end up collapsing in a heap.
The track was written by the bands drummer Mark Harfield who wanted to challenge the aspirations of the “perfect” life. As Mark says:
“It's so easy to romanticise life... daydreaming and thinking that moving to London, getting married or having a nice car can fix all your problems. From what I can see, these things are much more of a smokescreen than a remedy... So - here's 2 minutes and 25 seconds of me shouting about how much it annoys me.”

Gloo’s new album is set for release this summer, but for now shout along with the ridiculous romantic view of life in 'Big Smoke', and I promise you will feel so much better afterwards.
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