Bristol's all female punk trio Grandmas House is back with their latest single 'No Place Like Home". They have definitely been busy in lockdown so be prepared to be blown away and amazed by their never ending energy.....​​​​​​​
Don't let the name of the band fool you. Ferocious is the best word to describe Bristol based punk trio Grandmas House. Their latest "No Place Like Home" opens with a driving bassline. It initially feels dark and foreboding and then in come the drums and the pace quickens. The intensity remains but you feel a sense of irony around the lyrics. This is not the technicolour land of Wizard of Oz with Dorothy clicking her red shoes and repeating "There's No Place Like Home" to get back to Kansas.

Quite the opposite. The vocals are snarling and full of attitude. The lyrics ask you to question if there really is ,No Place Like Home?' Don't rely on what others tell you but find out for yourself. Be bold and do not assume that what you are fed is correct. Full of energy and confidence this is a track that seems to be influenced by the state of the modern world from fake news, Brexit, contested elections, political posturing and mismanagement among many other issues which seem to rule our world right now.

Grandmas house are primed and ready to shout from the rooftops.......
Check out the video for the latest single here: 
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