The Covid pandemic had not only a devastating effect on our daily lives but especially a catastrophic impact on the whole music industry. Live Music Venues were forced to close their doors and many wouldn't have survived the past year if it wouldn't been for initiatives like #saveourvenues.
Hideous Mink Records are joining the good fight and bringing us a new series of charity driven cassette compilation albums. They have been teaming up with artists to put together three 10 track compilation albums to help raise money for those who have been struggling.
Each album will feature their favourite new artists, who have donated unreleased tracks/ demos and/or live videos.
Volume 1 was released 21st of May and comes alongside a zine which offers further insight into the tracks and the cause. It will shine a light on the diverse talent of London bands like BULL, Opus Kink, BUGS, Fake Turins, Truman Dinosaur, Beige Banquet, Strange Neighbours, Heartworms, Baby Vanga and Black Bordello.
Track Listing:
BULL - Pull It All Back
Fake Turins - Afterwards
BUGS - The Garden 
Opus Kink - I'm a Man
Truman Dinosaur - Wake Me Up When The Bill Is Paid

Beige Banquet - Mindless
Strange Neighbours - Santa Paulo
Heartworms - Derelict
Baby Vanga - Bird In The Elevator
Black Bordello – Nunhead (live)
You can purchase the cassette via Bandcamp here.​​​​​​​
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