Home Counties return with disco-wonk earworm 'Modern Yuppies'. It will be the first of two self-produced singles, following hot on the heels of the band’s debut EP ‘Redevelopment’ which arrived in September 2020.
'Modern Yuppies' sees the band move away from the indie guitar-laden sound of their debut EP, and instead embrace their playful aptitude for synth-driven, post-funk hooks.
Since forming in January 2020, the band have distinguished themselves as a key act to watch, with radio support from Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1), Amy Lame and Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) and Matt Wilkinson (Beats 1), along with press support from DIY Magazine, Loud & Quiet, NME, Clash Magazine, So Young Magazine, YUCK, Gigwise and more.
Home Counties are comprised of Will Harrison (vocals/guitar), Conor Kearney (guitar/vocals), Barn Peiser Pepin (synth/percussion/vocals), Sam Woodroffe (bass/synth) and Dan Hearn (drums).
Music has always been a tool to communicate ideas, philosophies, opinions, nonsense and observations about a never-ending range of subjects. A tool to question the political framework and the society it governs, or indeed has created. It is in tough times when music inevitably becomes more thought-provoking. Home Counties new single “Modern Yuppies” compares the young professionals of the 1980's to those of today. Released on 12 January on Alcopop Records, it opens with a super charged frantic soundscape which denotes STRESS! Screeching speeded up vocals immediately suggest a frazzled crazy lifestyle. This quickly settles down into a post-punk playful funky track. The chorus reminds us of the hamster wheel of the rat race “Living, Spending, Working, Buying, Dying”. The difference between the professionals of the 1980's and “Modern Yuppies” is that there was an arrogance and a 'work hard, party hard' culture back then, whereas today there is more social anxiety and a liberal attitude prevails. But the end game of both are the same - consumerism, always wanting more. 
This song has a backdrop of synths and drum machines which Home Counties experimented with. It gives it its fizzing playfulness. Also the delicious harmonies are great fun. Singer Will Harrison commented “We dialled the disco influences up to the max and totally embraced that 70’s-cop-drama vibe for this pair of stand-alone singles. It feels like a bold declaration of who we are and it definitely gives a clearer taste of where we’re heading for our next EP”.
Oh and if anyone is wondering what is the meaning of life? Its 42 ……..obviously!
Check out Home Counties live from The Close Encounter Club:
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