Presenter, Online Content Creator, Blogger, Music Journalist and Actress...anything the super talented Louise Schofield can't do???
I bet you have seen her reporting from entertainment events, music festivals, gigs or as a a host of video interviews on her multiple platforms. Check out her blog Unique Lullaby and YouTube Channel - Louise Schofield TV. She is also an actress and comedy writer for online channel BBC SESH, which launched in April 2018. One of her sketches with BBC Comedy racked up over 1.6million streams!!!
Growing up with a passion for music, Louise started up her own Youtube Channel (Louise Schofield TV) and Music Blog (Unique Lullaby), when she was 18, where she has conducted over 140 artist interviews at various gigs and festivals across the UK.
Louise has presented for a variety of industry names including the BBC, The National Film Awards, Green Man Festival, O2 Academy TV and has independently reported at Festival No.6 (for BBC Radio Wales), Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape, Swn Festival and more. ​​​​​​​
How did it all start for you? How as your journey to what you do now?
So it’s been a pretty spiralling journey so far with a lot of twists and turns. My journey started out by just being completely passionate about new music. I started a blog called Unique Lullaby when I was 18. I was based in Cardiff at the time whilst I studied there for University and I’d head down to as many gigs as I could in the local venues there and interview as many bands as I could. I had a little radio show on the local station there too so continued to build my skills in both TV and Radio. I then went on to set up my Youtube channel and start interviewing bands to camera which caught the attention of BBC Radio Wales and I started doing some occasional roving reporting for a really cool artist development project called BBC Horizons. I kept working at it and got myself a little showreel together and the opportunities just grew. I went on to present at music festivals across the UK and then began to present for different presenting projects, like the National Film Awards, Gaming launch events, Live Shows and so many more and the rest is history. I’ve chatted to some of my favourite presenters, comedians, actors and musicians over the years and I am honestly loving the journey. In terms of the comedy sketches with BBC Sesh, well that was something I pretty much fell into and I am so glad I did. I did some little skits on my Youtube channel amongst the band chats and the BBC found them when they were launching the channel back in 2018 and I met with them, got writing some ideas and sketches and here we are. I was in the first ever video on the channel too. The team there are awesome and it’s opened up even more doors for me, there’s so much opportunity there.
You are such a busy bee and are involved in an abundance of projects. Please gives us a little rundown of what you doing at the moment!
Oh I don’t sit still haha! I love being productive and making content. I presented this awesome new online music show a couple of months back and I am looking forward to seeing how it turned out, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I am mainly making a lot of BBC comedy sketches at the moment, I find comedy such a light during lockdown and if I can make people have a bit of a giggle and detach from reality for 5 mins then that’s an achievement for me. I also have a few cool projects I’m working on behind the scenes at the moment so I’m very excited to birth those into the world when they are ready.
I bet the pandemic must have been very challenging for you – how did it change your line of work? How are you staying motivated through all of this?
Yeah it has been very tricky and very restrictive to be honest. Studio shoots are really far and few between at the moment and anything with a large crew. I luckily own a camera, microphones and a green screen which I have collected over the years so I have been able to carry on presenting for different brands at home when I need to so that’s been a life saver really. I can’t wait to get back to working with lots of other people and just having a great time on set.
Music is a huge motivator for me! I feel so much more alive and inspired after listening to music. I have a playlist of my favourite 60’s tunes which I listen to a lot at the moment which has the likes of Bob Dylan, The Small Faces, The Kinks, Dusty Springfield, Etta James, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys and a lot of Motown.
How does an average day looks like in the life of Lou Schofield?
At the moment most days I wake up a little confused to be honest, I reach for my phone and check what day it is because I feel they are all merging into one haha. Then I most likely drop my phone on my face. I do that a lot and it hurts. I’ll then get stuck in to what I’ve got to do, whether its editing some content, shooting a video for presenting or a comedy sketch, planning/hosting an interview, record my Islington Radio show and the day fly’s by to be honest. I’m always creating ideas too so I spend a lot of time when I’m free jotting down different ideas. I snack a lot too and drink too much coffee. I usually like to take a break and have a wonder round the park with my big ol’ headphones on and pretend I’m in a music video just to take myself away for a bit.
Could you please outline your hosting style? What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe?
Sure! So I’m someone who like to see the lighter side of life and that is definitely heavily reflective in my presenting style. Presenting is all about personality and I really like I can inject mine into my job. If I’m hosting an interview I really want it to be a smooth conversation that feels like you’re sat in a living room catching up with a cuppa. I do a lot of research before an interview to make sure I have everything there I need from chatting about the ins and outs of their craft but also some of the lighter side of some fun information I find or some social media posts. In terms of presenting and hosting it’s definitely the same, of course it can vary on what you are presenting and sometimes I do have to adapt my tone to match the programme but most jobs I present are for a young adult audience so it can very much a be energetic and light-hearted with a sprinkle of comedy when I can too.
What's your fav part about your work?
I love that each job is always so different from the last. I do enjoy being thrown out of my comfort zone sometimes too and there’s such an adrenaline rush from that which is so addictive. I think personally for me it’s a reminder of how hard I’ve worked so far. Sometimes you get so lost in what’s next all the time you forget that you’re only where you are because of your determination and constant hard work which when you sit back and think is such an amazing feeling which I often forget to be honest. I also get to meet and hang out with so many lovely people, it is such a sociable job.
Describe a memorable presentation/interview you did.
Aw, I have quite a few actually but I think one of my most memorable was chatting with Idris Elba backstage at The National Film Awards. It was the first time I’d hosted interviews at a big event like that before and I loved it. I was nervous because I just really wanted the interviews to go well. He was really lovely and I’d prepped all my questions I felt all ready for the chat but I have never felt so short in my life, he’s a really tall guy and there was little me just reaching up with the microphone to ask my questions but it went really smoothly, my feet were on fire though, I suck at wearing heels.
Who were your early passions and influences? / Any mentors/ people you look for inspiration?
My early presenting influences were Fern Cotton and Edith Bowman, I loved their vast knowledge of music and interview styles, it was always was and still is really cool and relaxed. Also Alexa Chung who’s natural wit I have always admired, she has such amazing camera presence. I used to watch a lot of MTV and T4 growing up and watching that really inspired me to want to become a TV Presenter especially in the music sector. In terms of comedy influences, I’m a big fan of Monty Python and grew up watching that and inspired me and my sister to write little sketches in the living room growing up. Mighty Boosh has always been something I loved watching in my early teens too, I like very physical comedy and the weird and wonderful things it brings.
If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Ooooh! I think I would love to time-travel. I’d love to hop over to the future and see what’s going on, I’d love to take a peek at what I’d be doing in a few years time. I’d also love to travel to the past too, I’d love to be at a Bob Dylan gig in the 1960’s and I’d love to just experience loads of music gigs through time, seeing artists in their prime or when they are literally just beginning.
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