LA alt-rockers Jagged Baptist Club, are comprise of Blake Stokes (lead vocals/guitar), CJ Ramsey (bass/backing vocals), Morgan Ponder (drums/percussion) and Josh Boyd (synths/backing vocals).
They just announced their signing to Nice Swan Records (English Teacher, Sprints, Opus Kink), and share brand new single 'Bull on a Chain', which is their first release of 2024.
Their raw energy certainly makes them a force to be reckoned with. Speaking ahead of their single release, frontman Blake Stokes explained:
"'Bull on a Chain' was written, nearly as is, one afternoon in our rehearsal space. I had just watched an old clip of the Beastie Boys playing "Sabotage" on The Late Show with David Letterman and thought "we need something like that!"  While our song ended up being its own thing, the idea of the entire band starting at a "10" and not letting up till a fake-out breakdown, before concluding with the same freight train ferocity we started with, is absolutely inspired by the sonic bulldozing the Beastie Boys exacted upon an unsuspecting television audience during the summer of 1994. As for the lyrics?  Anything in life can be a problem sometimes, even you, even me.  There’s no specific target here, just a full explosion of positive primal energy, anyone can tap into, for any reason that suits them. In short; 'Let’s Go'." 
'Bull on a Chain' is out mow on all digital platforms - here.
Watch the official video for the new single here:
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