Belgium born songwriter/producer Jasper Erkens graduated at London's BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2012. He released his first album at the tender age of 15, followed by second album 'Drawing A Line' in 2017. In May 2019 Erkens released an acoustic EP. He has already supported Adele in Brussels. Now in his late twenties his self-produced third album is due for release in early 2021 and ahead of this he brings us track 'Guilt Trippin’'.
This is a wonderful piece of trippy electronica with a powerful message. We humans must consider our impact on nature, have an awareness of the implications, and thus deal with the resulting feelings of guilt. The added combination of distorted guitars and lyrics including "it won’t keep giving if we don’t start living align with nature, our worlds in danger. Avoid this vision of a future living our lives guilt trippin’” make for a potent combination. This message is delivered with beats and a lyrical style that makes it totally entertaining and enjoyable as it is thought-provoking. To confirm my point, the track concludes with a screaming guitar solo played by none other than Benjamin Totten (Jorja Smith), along with the lyrics “It’s not enough” repeated over and over.
By the way Jasper absolutely suffers for his art. Check out his brilliantly imaginative music video. He literally broke his right foot during the make of it. His thoughts? “Totally worth it!”
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