Glaswegian 6-piece post-punk band KAPUTT give us their new EP 'Movement Now/Another War Talk', which will be released on May 14th as a limited edition blue vinyl 7" and also digitally through Upset The Rhythm.
'Movement Now' gives us an electronic sound perfect for the dancefloor. With a stonking saxophone and shifting pace it is great fun. It defies expectations with its twists and turns, catching us out with its shift in rhythm. There is a freedom to the overall vibe, a desire to shift the lethargic habits that perhaps have set in due to the current situation. It suggests independence and creativity, to go against the norms and push out of your comfort zone. And that saxophone giving a delicious tone which is a little like a There is a combination of styles and genres within 'Movement Now' but by the end it all pulls together with an overall feeling of optimism. It finishes off with a flurry of guitars, drums and an electronic pulse along with the lyrics “Movement Now, I WANT MORE!”.
With Cal Donnelly (guitar and vocals), Curtis Halling (guitar), Chrissy Barnacle (saxophone and vocals), Tobias Carmichael (bass guitar), Rikki Will (drums) and Emma Smith (percussion) it is fantastic to hear the quirky hooks and complex instrumentation which are captured in their music.
Check out the video for the latest single here:
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