Meet Brighton’s Garage-Psych trio LES BODS which is comprised of Harry Mitchell (vocals / guitar), Harry Hays (bass) and Zane Meaby (drums).
Their debut single 'People', released in 2020, reached over 70 countries in 6 months.
Latest single 'Free Your Mind' was produced by Rob Quickenden at Ford Lane Studios. It's a turbulent track, charged with chanting drums and swirling riffs, and you are invited on a path of pleasure and liberation:
“The track is about freeing yourself from the negativity that gets built upon ones shoulders. Moving down the road less travelled, experiencing enormous self-doubt from people putting you down all the time and mostly about overcoming your fears… in essence rebelling to negativity and in turn - “Freeing Your Mind”.” says Harry.
Please give our readers a little into of you who are / Sum up your band for me in a few words.
Harry: We are Three Crowd Surfin', Riff Making, Beer Drinkin' Bods who like to make people happy with our music.
“Les Bods” as a band name - what is the meaning behind it?
Harry: When I was on tour, playing with another band through France in 2019. He came across a man who couldn't stop calling him “Monsieur Bod”, "Monsieur Bod" repeating it every time he saw Harry across the Tour. Nevertheless, he called up the drummer at the time and approached the name "LES BODS". From then on it kind of stuck to us really... With a man like that to remember, in a strange place in time, we had to stick with the name: LES BODS.
How would you describe your style to people who aren't familiar with you?
Harry: Garage Rock meets Psychedelia in a modern context.
Your new single 'Free your Mind' was released 6th of April - what is it about and please give us a little insight in your creative process.
Written by Harry Mitchell, in a state of crisis, sick of the current climate of life. The song was written while I was living in this singer damp dark “shed” in 2017. Sick of always being pushed down, always being the underdog and finding a way to overcome it all.
Overall the song is about freeing yourself from all the negativity that gets built up on ones shoulders. Moving down the road less travelled, experiencing self doubt, people putting you down and overcoming your fears. Rebel to it all and -'Free Your Mind'.
What inspires you? / Do you have any hobbies that you turn to to rejuvenate your creativity?
Zane: I'll Usually find going for a walk helps me get in a creative mood.
Harry: I usually sit alone with all my favourite records, have a nice smoke and focus on what I want to create. Usually the songs come after a hard day's work. Then I'll start recording parts (So I don't forget the parts) Usually the next day or so I'll make a "Demo" and send it to Harry Hayes (Lead Guitar) and Zane Meaby (Drums). Then it evolves when we all enter a room to structure the song togetheras a band.
How has the pandemic affected you as a band and how are you staying motivated through all of this as it's not the best time to be a musician.
Zane: It's definitely made things more difficult. Working remotely is not something we are used to, as a band we're usually structured songs at rehearsal, so it's been a bit of a difficult process.
Harry: We've been coping by writing new material, getting our product together, and focusing on the little wins, taking one day at a time.
What is your favourite thing about Brighton / the Brighton music scene?
Zane: I love the diversity of people in Brighton!
Harry: The Brighton music scene is great! There's not a gig you can't go to without seeing Bods you know! Also, if you're nice, you'll be helped out... There's no need to be a dick in life and Brighton knows that, it's great!"
Give us one fact each that no one knows about you.
Harry Hayes Is actually the best songwriter in the band, not Harry Mitchell.
Zane Meaby is most definitely the turnt one.
Harry Mitchell’s first instrument was intact a Trumpet haha…
What's on your playlist right now? Any band recommendations from your side??
Harry: I've been loving the latest Hallan track 'Hands Up'. Also very excited for The Howlers 'I Don't Love You All The Time', and I've been blasting Khruangbin - Texas Sun (EP).
Zane: I've really been enjoying the new Madlib release!
What is next? Your plans for 2021?
Harry: We've got another single coming out through Brutalist Management, currently working on our first EP (soon to be released this year). We have had a recent Live Stream out Live @ Hotbox (Chelmsford)- many more Live Streams at some great venues coming soon. Depending whether it's legal or not, we'll definitely be playing shows again in a city near you! We also have a large variation of merchandise on the horizon.
Check out their Hot Box live stream here:
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