Meet Berlin newest band LOBSTERBOMB! They formed in a Berlin basement in 2020 and are comprised of Nico Rosch, Vik Chi and Crayon Jones. They make raw, energetic indie punk rock that will put you in their spell.
They released third single ‘Wake Up’ in April 2021, a song about overcoming the frustrations of being trapped in a monotonous and unfulfilling routine and overcoming the pressures society places on us to live our lives in a certain way.
Debut single 'Yes Yes Yeah arrived in January 2021, followed by ‘I Want Noise’ in March. They are currently working on an EP which is expected later this year.
Tell us about the origins of the band (how did you guys meet and where you from)and the meaning behind the band name?
V: We met via an Instagram account @weformedaband, which was set up by Laura Lee and Andreya Casablanca from Gurr. You can share handwritten ads looking for fellow musicians. In January 2020 we met for the first time and jammed together. We all had a similar desire to make something happen after a lot of failed projects in the past. As for the band name, it’s a secret, sorry.
You formed in the midst of a pandemic - what was your motivation for forming the band and what would you say was the biggest struggle to overcome??
C: We hadn’t been playing together long before the first major lockdown. Part of wanting to be in a band is playing shows and we still haven’t been able to do that yet. But on the bright side, the forced slow pace we have had to go at has allowed us to really work on our songs a lot more than if we were in a rush to get something done.
How is your creative process with all the restrictions and lockdowns? Are you producing remotely or are you still able to meet up and get together?
C: The rules have been changing over time so we meet whenever it has been possible. We will send ideas to each other that we record remotely but that cannot replace being in the same room and making lots of noise.
V: I would also say we use our limited time very wisely. Our process in the practice room is the most focused I have ever experienced with any band I played in.
When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal?
N: I write whatever comes spontaneously into my mind. It’s a very intimate expression of a particular moment. I don’t have a higher purpose than just give my feelings a form and hopefully inspire other people, make them feel understood and seen.
C: I try to put myself in the place of an audience member and think if I saw this song at a show would I dance or go to the bar? In terms of lyrics, there isn’t a goal, just expressing whatever comes out and hoping there is something relatable there.
V: I just want to play music with other people and of course it’s great if someone likes it, because creating stuff without getting feedback doesn’t work in my opinion.
Your music style is so fresh and energetic - What do you try to communicate to the audience through your vibe?
C: We want to have fun playing and hopefully that energy will bring people along with us.
N: You are powerful and not trapped by anything.
Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?
C: Seeing our friends who are in bands releasing stuff really motivates me to write more. Just making things happen is such an achievement.
N: My other bandmates are probably getting tired of me mentioning Tame Impala. Haha. But the music just combines many styles of music that inspired me along my musical journey.
If we were to look at the artists you are listening to, who would be on your playlist?
C: A shocking amount of 80s pop.
V: A shocking amount of hyper pop.
N: 60s, 70s (psychedelic) rock, Motown, Blues, and so much more…
Give us one fact each that no one knows about you.
C: We’re not giving the juicy stuff away for free.
N: 1€ per secret. The juicer the more €€.
We can agree that you live in one of the best cities in the world – what is it you love about Berlin the most and miss doing now all is pretty much closed.
C: It is a very non-judgemental place, you can be yourself very easily here. I miss spontaneity the most, ending up somewhere unexpected and seeing something new.
N: Berlin changed a lot and I miss good old rock venues. They kinda disappeared over the years.
What Is coming up for you in the near future?
C: We are currently working on our EP which should be ready by summer. And then hopefully preparing for some shows as soon as we are allowed.
Check out the acoustic version of 'I Want Noise' here:
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