Londoner's Lyena kick of 2021 with the release of debut single 'Keep Swimming'.
Forming in 2018 the trio has been playing gigs around their home town of London and had a tour of Ireland which included a performance at the Irish festival "Sounds of Safe Harbour". 
Lyena’s dynamic grunge is perfect for these times. Their first single “Keep Swimming” begins with a very quiet few seconds. Don’t be fooled, it then bursts into life. Lyrics “I don’t want to be part of the crowd” echos the views of angsty millennials. The tempo moves up and down but always has raw energy, pounding drums and a killer bassline. This is punk rock with pop hooks which makes for an exhilarating combination. Overlain with lyrics that have something to say: “Waters deep, but I see the surface” provide that essence of hope ahead, that it will be possible to push on. “Remember to hold your breath. Put one arm in front of the other, and kick, kick with all you’ve got. Once you see the surface, put your head up and BREATHE. ” The encouragement is there for us to all to keep going, moving forward. Lyena wants you to party in your bedroom, to not give up hope, and to let them lead the release of all the current frustrations by provided a track full of energy and danceable beats. The fact that the pace is frantic and raucous right to the very end gives us a breathless distraction from our current state of affairs.
Fingers-crossed that Lyena will be let loose on a mosh pit near you soon………​​​​​​​
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