Bristol sister duo Alannah and Felicity Jackson, otherwise known as Miss Kill, released their new single 'Being Young' on Hubb Records on Thursday 18th February. It was intriguing to hear that inspired by the likes of Placebo, Hole and Pearl Jam, the duo had put aside their acoustic guitars in 2018 and replaced them with noisy electric riffs, emotive vocals and roaring drums.

Current single '
Being Young' is a softer approach compared to previous songs ‘Explain Yourself’ and ‘Prescriptive Poison'. However there is still a power and emotion to this track, with a striking combination of Felicity's drumming and Alannah's pitch perfect vocals. The strength and energy effortlessly ebbs and flows throughout the track, until the final 10 seconds when it is a simple plucking of the guitar strings along with Alannah's crystal clear singing to close out the track. They have managed to create a variety of atmospheres in the space of 3 minutes and 40 seconds. And I do love the little snigger at the beginning!

The sisters have been gaining a reputation for their explosive live sets which have been known to include a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Lithium', however Miss Kill have not been idle during lockdown and will have an EP out later in the year.
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