Ex-Blanketman frontman ADAM HOPPER shares debut single 'Beauty In Sadness'
Photo Credit: Through The Eyes Of Ruby
Photo Credit: Through The Eyes Of Ruby
Manchester singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Hopper shares infectious debut 'Beauty In Sadness'.
Emerging from recently defunct indie-punk band Blanketman with a hard drive full of songs, he teamed up with producer Rob Kirwan (Hozier, PJ Harvey, U2) to get his solo music out.
He combines wry lyrics and and catchy melodies to create his own brand of mellow alternative pop music and already played a string of shows (including one supporting The Lounge Society) to launch the project three months ago.
Speaking of his new release, Hopper explains:
"The song is really important to me. I wrote it back in March when I was spending a lot of time in my garden planting stuff ready for summer - gardening away the fear. I felt particularly crappy around then, and it turned into this "keep your chin up" kind of song. It's really just an ode to myself. An attempt to make sense of things that were going on in my world/head at the time and a reminder to appreciate the little things that make you happy".
'Beauty In Sadness' is now out and available on all digital platforms - stream here.
Watch the Official Video here:
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