London's Beige Banquet release their new self-titled 10” EP along with second single 'Construction' on 13th August 2021. 
The 10” vinyl will be available via Just Step Sideways Records (London) and on Cassette via Mangel Records (Berlin).
Formed in 2020, Beige Banquet started as the solo recording project of guitarist and vocalist Tom Brierley and has now evolved into a full five-piece band featuring Joe Munsey (Guitar), Danny Gillies (Bass), Ian Crafter (Drums) and Blake Carlson-Joshua (Percussion/Synths).
The EP picks up where debut album Beta left off, with both releases being written and recorded during lockdown in Brierley’s bedroom studio and expanding their brand of DIY art/outsider punk.
The EP features various collaborations with clarinet by Theo Bergot, backing vocals by Joe Munsey and Benjamin Mace-Crossley and additional vocals and lyrics by Rosie Pearce.
New single 'Construction' offers a more mid-tempo and danceable experience compared to previous singles 'Awake' and 'Wired/Weird'.
Brierley reflects on some of the lyrical themes throughout the EP:
"It’s much more introspective than Beta. On the album I wanted to create a world through the music, while the EP leans to a more raw and personal style, focusing on myself rather than adopting characters. It feels like four separate songs, all different, but intrinsically linked by the theme of internal realisation. Four fragments, sonic moments, or memories that only feel connected when reflecting back on them."
Photo credit: @bandsonfilm
Photo credit: @bandsonfilm
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