London newcomer BEN NARCIS shares debut single 'Appocalypse'.
Photo Credit: Henry Redcliffe
Photo Credit: Henry Redcliffe
Born in Romania, Narcis was adopted by a British family as a baby.
Having spent most of his adult life in London, his songs often reflect a sense of being out of step with the world around him. These feelings have only been intensified by the city’s unrelenting demands and inequality.
Debut single 'Appocalypse' is the first reveal from his upcoming debut EP. Bright, Beck-like melodies, inspired by our society, calling out its hollow values, until he finally relinquishes his grasp: "you’re just too tired at the end of the day / log in and drift away".
Speaking ahead of its release, he explains:
"'Appocalypse' is about modern living and technological anxiety- the, as I see it, mistaken belief that spiritual issues can be resolved by recourse to a stupid app or something equally daft. It’s about the constant bombardment and noise of life and how we welcome these idiotic solutions and ideologies into the most sacred, private and personal spaces imaginable. It was written on a hot summer’s day, sweltering, the threads of smoke from an ashtray lazily curling upwards. We found a groove and took it from there. We kept everything that delighted us or made us laugh, and discarded the rest."
He takes inspiration from the likes of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits and describes himself as a "weird ass croaky preacher fella". Provocative and in-your-face. "At some level music has to be confrontational, otherwise it’s just decorative,” Narcis says. "It’s just not what gives me thrills and chills".
'Appocalypse' is now available on all digital platforms - click here.
Check out the official video for the debut single here:
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