Bollards release Debut Single 'Plate Up' ahead of upcoming Debut EP "Harbour Dance".
Photo Credit: Mars Washington
Photo Credit: Mars Washington
If you are into funk-fuelled, jagged-disco, 'Plate Up' should be right up your alley.
It is the debut single of London based art rock quartet Bollards and a voyage into mesmerising bass grooves, funky guitars, thick synth lines and rigid drum structures.
This will be followed up by the band’s Debut EP “Harbour Dance”, which will arrive later this month on January 28th. We are very excited of hosting the release party at Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch on the same day.
Bollards started as the bedroom recording project of songwriter and vocalist Jonny Dickens, guitarist for North London outfit Fake Turins, and later decamped to a rural studio in Farnham called City Muscle Recordings to record with producer James Traylen. 
Jonny Dickens says of the recording process:
"James is a fantastic musician with an all-round excellent creative mind, he saw what our vision was and translated it to something above and beyond what we initially imagined - rather than just hit the record button."
The name and theme for the EP is something vocalist Jonny Dickens came across in a novel. "The ’Harbour Dance’ was a sort of open, informal folk dance taking place in the Harbour of a port town where the story was set. I like the idea of bringing something like that back, just an impromptu night of music and dance in public space using music that is accessible enough for normal people to get moving to."
The EP will consists of two other tracks beside 'Plate Up'. Firstly 'By the By' a frantic 2 minute track, which was written a day or two before a gig and was placed in the set at the last minute, shortly after it became a live favourite. Final track 'New Money' is a long and intentionally drawn out track that was written for the Bollards live show.
Tickets for the Release Show at London's Strongroom Bar - are available via Dice!!!!
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