Gawjuss Announces Debut Album With Latest Single 'Cry Harder'.
The band's debut album "Prototypical" will be out on 2nd of September 2022 via Clue Record (Bored at My Grandmas House, Yowl, Pit Pony).
Lead single 'Cry Harder' is now available to stream on all major platforms and was produced by the band on a secluded farm on the outskirts of Leeds with engineering from Alex Greaves (bdrmm, Working Mens Club, YOWL).
Gawjuss started at the solo project of Kieran Wade Clarke, but includes now co-lead James Douglas Wilkinson. 
'Cry Harder' is an incredibly strong statement of intent, showcasing a real sense of edge alongside melody. When asked about the track, Wilkinson explained:
"Cry Harder is about coming to terms with who you used to be after too much time spent alone."
The lyrical themes throughout the record include a lot of introspection, reflection, the idea of masculinity and mental health. Given space and isolation during recording the album gave them enough time to dive into their own thoughts. Wilkinson and Clarke wrote non-stop for months, learning to self-produce and indulge in writing music without thought towards one particular style.
Speaking about the album, Wilkinson explains:
"I'd never mixed a song until I started writing with Kieran. Technically I’m pretty useless when it comes to producing, but perfection was never the aim. Some of the best nights of my life were spent writing these songs. The songs were born and raised in the same old house containing a plethora of forgotten instruments that my Grandpa would pick up at markets and car boot sales to keep my Grandma entertained. They all found their way onto the album."
Track Listing:
1.Dog Tired
2.Cry Harder
3.Wet Paint
5.Grown Men
6.Preset = (Polite)
7.I Feel Ill
8.Heavens Above
9. Prototypical
11. Not Like This
12.Home Tie
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