After the release of debut 'Canal Side Running', Manchester based Harpans Kraft are now back with follow up single 'Telfon Tez' (released 10th of Jan).
The new cut was recorded back in October 2022, at Airtight studios in Chortlon, Manchester. The artwork was designed by Kirsten Heskamp.
Speaking about the new tune, they stated:
"We wanted to create a song that sounded futuristic. We had been experimenting with different synth textures and recording effects, which led us to create an atmospheric instrumental that owed well to the tone of the lyrics. During the writing process we were listening to a lot of Krautrock groups like CAN and NEU!, this helped inspire the rhythm and overall sound of Teflon Tez! The lyrics' storytelling format is inspired by the likes of the Specials, Fontaines DC and Yard Act."
Meaning behind the new song:
Teflon Tez is the family's best. He holds them all together, a provider and protector for the ages. But as his toxic masculinity becomes radioactive, and rumours of his death spread, the family secretly delight in his demise. However, upon turning up to his own funeral, under the guise of it all being just a ‘joke’, the family decide to act and put an end to the patriarch after all.
"Oh no, the family knows, Teflon Terry’s a bag of bones. But they rejoice in the street. And then the family  glowed, as Teflon Terry’s heart explodes.”
Gig Dates:
20th January - Yes basement (supporting Yasmin Coe with Pyncher and Oliver Marson)
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