Their debut single 'Tree Lilly' was three minutes of clattering, unhinged post-punk and now the London post punk trio San Vito Ryder is back with haunting second single 'I am the King'.
They take influences from bands such as The Stooges and combining it with the poetic miserabilia of the likes of Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen. 
San Vito Ryder's first demos were recorded in a disused speakeasy church bar (Trinity Bar in Harrow) and caught the attention of producer Luke Oldfield (The Wytches, Metronomy), who passed them to The Wytches’ frontman Kristian Bell, both very keen to get involved.

The new cut is another three-minute offering with rolling drums, a rattling bass and sleek, unsettling vocals.
You can stream the new single – here.
Live Date:
14th Oct Helgi’s / London - tix here.
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