LA-based art punk quartet Jagged Baptist Club, comprised of Blake Stokes (guitar/vox), Morgan Ponder (drums), Josh Boyd (synths) and CJ Ramsey (bass), just released their second album “Temptation Death House“.
Digitally, limited edition cassettes and vinyl are available via Gauzy Records in the US and licensed through Blowtorch Records in Ireland and the UK.
Their last three singles are the opening tracks on the new album.
Leadoff single 'Temptation Death House' sees them depart from their normal vibe. Rather than “guitar-wielding, atonal sonic terrorists”, they have adopted a more Depeche Mode-esque approach to this track. This was followed up by single 'Chop x8', a 3 minute adrenaline-fuelled ride with a pulsating drum and bass groove to the latest release – the unsettling 'Haunted By The Night'.
We would suggest to quickly hop onto Spotify (or your preferred streaming platform) to have a listen to the whole album. The full listing of all track can be found here:
Full Track listing:
1. Chop x8
2. Temptation Death House
3. Haunted by the Night
4. Drill Zone
5. Master Pyramid
6. Clerks, Bookkeepers and Accountants
7. Inside the Coffin
8. Bent by Satisfaction
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