Nixer are back with 'Decisions', the third single from their debut EP "People Feel". 
'Decisions' is the third single to be taken from Nixer's debut "People Feel' EP, which will be released digitally on April 12 and on vinyl May 27.
The EP is a 6-track concept, which follows the events of a night out told chronologically. The story begins in a corner shop at the start of the night and ends at a crossroads the morning after.
Irish duo Nixer have been crafting for the past two years, mostly in two separate cities, Dublin and London. Their sound is influenced by socialising, dancefloors, electro and artists like Boy Harsher, The Stone Roses and King Krule.
The story of 'Decisions’ is set at a corner shop where the night begins with the first decision of the night, which for most is a simple one. The indecisiveness and uncertainty about the simple decision between “beer or wine” sets the tone for the chaos that unfolds. The narrative is simplistic. The lyrics in the track are explorative and they premeditate the story that follows.
A quote from Seán on 'Decisions':
“I’m literally the most indecisive person EVER, like ever, well like maybe there’s somebody out there who’s more decisive or I mean indecisive than me, maybe, I don’t know… Peggsy what do you think? Hahahaha. Anyway, what a banger, I had so much fun writing this tune. I’m delighted I’ve managed to immortalise one of the things that annoys me most about myself in a Nixer song. I really am tragically indecisive. It was a super involved and informed writing process, as was the whole EP, and to avoid getting overly personal I often messaged and called friends to hear what they had to say about the different concepts I was working on and writing about. On Decisions I remember reaching out to James McGregor the lead singer in The Clockworks and Lorcan Donnellan our guitarist for the live shows, both really great friends of mine and two really great writers. Their words of direction and analysis really helped me. When I asked Lorcan he said “But generally speaking, everybody makes shit loads of decisions on a night out. It's a really interesting question, presume your writing a song about it and I really like the angle” and when I reflect on this, I am so happy that song writing is my favourite thing to do because looking back on that is beautiful.”
You can pre-order the vinyl here.
Live Dates:
30th April Leeds // Gold Sounds Festival
6th May Glasgow // The Road to the Great Escape
9th May Dublin // The Road to the Great Escape
11th-14th May Brighton // The Great Escape
20th May Amsterdam // London Calling
28th May Bristol // Dot To Dot Festival
29th May Nottingham // Dot To Dot Festival
31st May London // Nixer Headline, Peckham Audio
7th June London // The Social w/ Talk Show
8th July Slane, Ireland // Otherside festival

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