Rowdy Outsider release blistering new single'2 DEAD CATS'.
Rowdy Outsider are an indie punk outfit from Drogheda, Ireland and are comprised of Matthew Doyle (vocals), Conor Whearty (bass/guitar) and Sean Murtagh (drums).
They formed back in 2018 and released their debut single in January 2020. This was followed up with a string of independent releases in the last two years.
2022 saw the band play extensively in the Dublin scene and writing and recording new music.
They fuse pop, punk and new wave with contemporary ideas/topics and productions.

'2 DEAD CATS' is about loss, hopelessness and the brave face we’ve all put on at some stage in our lives. Speaking about the new single, they explain:
"Lyrically, the 2 DEAD CATS personify a deteriorating mental state. The first verse deals with the effect social media can have on the grieving process. When you see something you don’t want to see because people can post whatever they want, without thinking of the consequences for others. ‘I see you don’t care what you post online, ‘cause nobody’s problems are worse than mine’. The second verse screams the hopelessness of having a smile on your face while behind your eyes is falling apart, where everyone makes it worse, and no one can help. This is the first time we’ve allowed ourselves to show anger in our music and embrace the sound that comes with it."
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