Bristol rockers Langkamer release new single ‘Teeth’ via Breakfast Records:
" Teeth is a song about envy and disillusionment. About happiness and nihilism. About grinning. How two people can look at the exact same scene and see it completely differently. Wishing you could see the beauty of a moment, and not just its odiousness."
It was written, recorded and released within the span of just two weeks and is a colourful fever dream of a song. Lead singer and drummer Josh Jarman describes the track’s inception thusly:
"This track came about as a bit of a silly idea at first. We were chatting at the start of the year and said “Right well we’re going on tour in a few weeks. Shall we give people another new song to sing along to?” We wrote it in basically half an hour, letting the process happen as naturally as possible. That gave us a couple of weeks left to actually get the thing made. Luckily our producer Tim, who we’ve worked with a few times in the past, is always happy to humour us and our stupid ideas."
Their debut album “West Country”, which was released back in September 2021, got them support from the likes of BBC Radio 6 and Amazing Radio. They effortlessly blend country, rock and indie and their sound is overflowing with hooks, plenty of dueling guitars and melodies.
Langkamer will be back on the road with a twenty seven date tour across the UK in February and March. Get your tickets here.
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