Pigeonhole are an 8-piece from London and 'Hollywood, LA Pt 1 & 2' is out now.
Its pretty unusual these days to hear songs whose pace comes and goes within the song. Pigeonhole have got this down to a fine art in their latest release Hollywood, LA Pt 1.  
It starts as a pretty typical guitars and driven beat with lyrics “How can anything change if we all just stayed the same?” but then at about 30seconds in, there is a complete change of pace. Everything slows down and it’s as if we are being given space to think about that question.  The guitar is slowly plucked and I picture the lead singer standing in front of a mirror pondering over the thoughts that arise. And then it ramps up again and we are back with that energy “because I guess it doesn’t matter anymore”. Again there is a slowing down, with a mulling over of these thoughts, and a ramping up with brilliant lyrics just make you laugh at the absurdity of the modern world.  It gently finishes off with the line “You’ve got nothing left to prove, to anyone”. Thought-provoking indeed but mixed with a class musicianship so as to achieve all of this in one song and make it work it pretty cool.

Flip side is Hollywood, LA Pt 2…This is a shorter snappier track with those drums hitting out that beat consistently throughout the song. Lyrics are very tongue-in-cheek and I loved that fact that you could clearly hear every word, and they made me smile. This song is a snapshot of what living in Hollywood, LA would really be like – not necessary living the dream! 
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