RANT's Debut single ‘Backstage' was released 28th Jan 2021 - Produced by Lorenzo De Feo.
Their line-up consists of Anton Constantine (guitar and vocals) and Callum Moriarty (drums), who share a similar DIY punk rock background, but it’s the combination with Nick Gauntlett (bass player) which gives RANT its twist. Traditionally a progressive-rock guitarist, Nick brings an added element with make RANT a little different from their contemporaries.
I do love that funky twangy guitar especially when its combined with punk. But RANT don’t stop there. Slice in hard-hitting rock guitars with the drum and bass and there is only one possible place on the volume dial for their debut release …..…. LOUDEST.

This is music with attitude!! The energy just smashes through your eardrums and hits your brain with full force. You would not realise that RANT are a relatively new band who had been playing gigs around London during the beginning of 2020 until everything went wrong. They decided to concentrate on music and hence debut single “Backstage”. The track is just two minutes and forty-seven seconds long but it packs in snarling vocals, wild guitars and pounding drums. About two minutes in there is a key change and the rock influence kicks in but this is combined with the punk shouty vocals to the end. If you need music to wake you up and get that adrenaline pumping, this is the song for you.

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