Like many others, Charlie Weights (lead vocals/guitar) found himself furloughed during lockdown and after his previous band fell apart, decided to build a home studio to keep himself occupied as well as sane. This was where 4-piece Average Life Complaints was born, bonding over “a mutual hatred of and shared anxiety about the way modern society is heading and the way in which it functions”.
Their first single 'Wealth Gap' was released via Disobedient Records on August 13th. The track opens with a throwback to the likes of Gang of Four, Bauhaus or Killing Joke with that reverbing bass and mysterious echoey dense atmosphere. But this is 2021 and in this post-punk world, Average Life Complaints beautifully combines the soundscape with Charlie's spoken and increasing agitated vocals.
Lyrically 'Wealth Gap' is taking a swipe at contemporary life, where social media and reality TV appear to provide the goals for perceived success. This is of course ridiculous and Average Life Complaints demonstrate this perfectly, as if you are simply banging your head off a brick wall and not really getting anywhere. Their shared feelings of social disillusionment and political bemusement is articulated in 'Wealth Gap'. Charlie explains:
“The lyrics discuss the unrealistic standards of wealth and beauty that can be seen today across social media and how these standards affect both people’s mental health and our society as a whole”.
'Wealth Gap' has already had its radio debut on Radio X thanks to John Kennedy, high praise indeed for a debut single. If Average Life Complaints have more tracks like this up their proverbial sleeves, I have no doubt they will do well. 
Charlie is joined in Average Life Complaints by Albert Dury (bass), Louis Bramwell (guitar/vocals) and George Greenhalgh (drums).
Live Dates:
21st August - Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes - London, w/Youth Sector/Workfriends  
24th September - George Tavern - London,  Play It Loud UK Presents Saloon Dion w/friends - get your tickets here.

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