Beige Banquet return with new single ‘AWAKE’ and announce upcoming self-titled 10” EP which will be released on 13th of August 2021.

With spikey, jerky guitars and a dancefloor friendly vibe ‘AWAKE’ is Beige Banquet at their most angular. Their brand of post-punk combines Devo-esque spoken-word vocals with drum-machine driven beats. At 2 and a half minutes long this produces a propulsive combination. Add in stuttering synthesised claps and a melodic bridge and it is definitely a track to encourage you to be awake and take notice. Closing out with a repetition of “I need you”, it is a cathartic end to a song full of fizzing energy.
Formed in 2020, London-based Beige Banquet have evolved from a DIY bedroom recording project into a full five-piece band featuring Tom Brierley (Guitar/Vocals), Joe Munsey (Guitar), Danny Gillies (Bass), Ian Crafter (Drums) and Blake Carlson-Joshua (Percussion). The release of their new EP will be combined with headline shows in London and Leeds.

As an aside, it feels so good to be able to write “with headline shows” as gigs continue to be organised in England. Hoping Scotland, Ireland and Wales are not too far behind.
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