Bristol's alternative quintet Birdman Cult releases latest single 'Whiskey Sunburn' via Donut Records and it is a textbook psych-punk mosh anthem.
Opening with a tirade of noise, thundering drums and hypnotic echoing prayers, Birdman Cult's new single hits the listener immediately in the face with its influences. Flavours of Thee Oh Sees , CAN and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets can be heard as driving motorik drums come in accompanied with an earthy rumbling bass and frontman Joe Eden’s blues-tinted melodies.
A conquering and destructive fuzz guitar enters as Eden’s charming lyrics ring out: “Half-wit truths from half-wit fools, different words, same old tune.” Before the guitars thicken and drive the song into its second verse. The chorus, “It’s on the rise, it’s on the rise!” is the manifesto of this song, as Eden spies the constant in-fighting of society: “This song is my ‘The end is nigh placard’ as I stand on the side and watch them all eat each other.” The bridge plays out this infighting with psychedelic guitar lines behind an assertive Eden, repeating a never-ending “light them up”. This track deals with society’s flaws behind an air of comedy, and shows that whilst the world is ending we can keep laughing.
Birdman Cult won’t hold back in the pursuit of melting your minds with this track. With swelling and pulsating synths, flamethrower-like guitars and hypnotic drums, Birdman Cult ensure that if the end really is nigh, they will be the ones playing as the world crashes around them.​​​​​​​
Photo credit: Wyatt Thomas
Photo credit: Wyatt Thomas
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