Listen closely to the opening of Belfast’s Enola Gay’s new single 'Salt'. The words spoken by Margaret Thatcher are not as they seem. They have been transposed:
"Where there is faith, may we bring doubt"
"Where there is hope, may we bring despair"
Easily missed if you are not listening closely, and such is the way with our media and politicians. This is the theme of 'Salt', and it is delivered within a dramatic sonic landscape. Pounding drums and dense guitar riffs bring an intense atmosphere, followed by the reverb which layers an additional foreboding to the track.
The lyrics are uncompromising and perhaps uncomfortable but that is the reality of our current political landscape. With footballers campaigning for food for children and members of the Royal family allegedly behaving inappropriately, such shameful issues are addressed in lyrics that are strikingly thought-provoking:
"Stop voting for trickle-down economics
With the next generation left with no food in their stomachs
Fed nothing but tall tales and promised fables
With Prince Andrew sitting at the kids table"
The chorus repeats:
“You’ll go blind by staring at The Sun”
Such a clever play on words which we have come to expect from Enola Gay. 'Salt' criticises the traditional media, particularly The Sun, for promoting incompetence in the government. Politicians’ accountability is not questioned in the media and what a dangerous precedent that sets.
Recorded earlier this year with Chris Ryan (Just Mustard / NewDad / Robocobra Quartet), Enola Gay continues to deliver songs confronting issues with dramatic and startling effect. BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq joined Enola Gay for a DJ set at 100 Club in London, high praise indeed and surely a sign that Enola Gay is a band for our times.
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