Fake Turins release captivating disco-infused single 'Afterwards' via Hideous Mink Records.
The first time I ever saw Fake Turins was inside a 19th Century church in Rotterdam. Adorning the stage in matching ivory suits, the eleven-piece collective performed their psychedelic disco-infused music for a lively, mesmerised audience. It is rare that a band can conjure such energy within a crowd of almost entirely first-time listeners – yet, inside that crowded Rotterdam church, there wasn’t a single person standing still.

The latest release from the North-London collective, ‘Afterwards’, eloquently captures that rhythmic, disco-driven energy which so effortlessly caused limbs to sway during their live performance. As with much of their music, the rhythmic groove of bass and drums lay the foundation. Slowly, and tentatively, layers of swirling guitars, clarinet and horns embellish the single – drawing the listener further and further into the rich soundscape Fake Turins have become so adept at creating.
As the song builds, so does the tempo, eventually culminating in a frenzied mixture of squealing horns and pulsating hi-hats. A sense of urgency underpins the latter half of the single - a feeling akin to that of gasping for air, or frantically searching for your lost wallet after a particularly blurry night out. It’s an experience, to say the least, and a stellar addition to the bands already compelling back catalogue.
Live dates 2022:
1/01/22 :: The Crofters Rights, Bristol (supporting Opus Kink)
02/02/22 :: The Prince Albert, Brighton (supporting Opus Kink)
03/02/22 :: Talleyrand, Manchester (*UNANNOUNCED*)
18/03/22 :: Electrowerkz, London (headline *UNANNOUNCED*)
22/04/22 :: 02 Academy Islington (supporting Miami Horror) 

Photo credit: Mars Washington
Photo credit: Mars Washington
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