Jagged Baptist Club have released ‘Haunted by the Night’, the third single from their second album "Temptation Death House", via Blowtorch Records. The LA-based 4-piece have produced a wild ride of a track. With a pulsating drum and bass groove, there is an atmospheric darkness to this track yet at the same time it is totally dancefloor friendly.
Indeed as frontman Blake Stokes explains:
“ The lyrics cover my time growing up in Houston, Texas but in the form of fever dream impressions and hallucinations, rather than literal biography. ‘Haunted by the Night’ is crawling with unease and dread and you can dance to it.”
The echoey and distorted background vocals add to the overall sonic landscape which builds in its intensity creating the sense of a desire to smash through the confinements of the darkness and into the light.
Let’s hope they make it across the pond when restrictions allow so we can experience the menacing darkness on the dancefloor for ourselves.
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