Part Metallica Part Psychedelia Part Punk - this is an absolute riot!
'Lipstick' is the new single from Nothingheads and it's a fabulous, fuzzy, mesmerizing, power rock of a track. It opens with razor sharp guitars and thrashing drums before kicking into the pixelated vocals. It is an abrasive track but there is almost a hypnotic Eastern vibe twisted through it too. At just under 2 and a half minutes it packs in various twists and turns with strands of confusion and chaos but ending sharply on those tight guitars and drums. There is an irony here that the track is called 'Lipstick' which could suggest a poppy retro influence, but Nothingheads are at the other end of the spectrum with a punk rock infused track full of wild energy.
'Lipstick' is the first single from “Machine in the Monkey” EP, which was recorded and mixed by Chris Smith at Kluster Studios and will be released in September.
Nothingheads have already played two socially distanced gigs at the Shacklewell Arms, but there are more gigs to be announced so keep a look out. This band must produce one heck of a show ........
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