Saloon Dion formed in late 2020 and is an eclectic mix of Bristol's most loved underground bands (Kimbo Nice, Football FC, Ratbags).
Their current line up consists of Taryn McDonnell (guitar/vocals), Tom Simpkins (guitar/vocals), David Sturgess (synth / vocals), Luke Mullins (bass) and Ben Molynuex (drums).
Debut Single 'Deal Or No Deal' was released via Permanent Creeps in May 2021 and premiered by Clash Magazine.
At the end of June they signed to Disobedient Records and are now back with follow up single 'VHS'.

'VHS' is inspired by a scene from ‘Better Call Saul’ where the line "I’m luxurious yet casual" were uttered by Kim, Saul’s girlfriend. As the band explains:
"The quote highlights the absurdity of advertising and the methods used by a company to sell their product as an extension of ‘you’".
The track opens with a fabulous funky yet laidback guitar before kicking into a tongue-in-cheek expose of just how ridiculous advertising is. 'VHS' is both critical of our capitalist society but also has a satirical swipe at the advertising corporations and the tactics employed to entice us to buy.
I love the whole relaxed vibe around this track, the little shoutouts and laughs in the background, the stripped back bass mid-track, the building drums which give an injection of energy, and that key change towards the end.
'VHS' is a 3-minute gem and after the success of their debut single 'Deal Or No Deal', I expect ‘VHS’ to follow suit.
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