Sprints, the garage-noise four-piece from Dublin, have released their new single 'How Does The Story Go?' on Nice Swan Records. They continue to inject honesty, personal experience and humour into their music and even though this track begins a little gentler than previous songs, do not be fooled. Karla Chubb’s spoken word at the beginning is full of exasperation, and that grows as the song progresses singing:
"Everybody seems to have so much time that I’m wasting mine. I swear to God I’m the only f**ker in this place who isn’t doing fine and I’m not fine."
'How Does The Story Go?' focuses on the sacrifice that comes with pursuing a career in the arts. As the band explains:
"Friends are emigrating, buying houses, growing older and maturing, whatever that means, and sometimes you feel stuck. It feels like the world is spinning and moving around you, and while there is nothing else I’d rather be doing than playing music with my adopted family, sometimes you can’t help but feel left behind."
Sprints have a frank, confrontational style, charging headfirst into the chosen theme. On this occasion it is perhaps a sense of missing out when you see friends progressing in life. But of course, what does ‘progressing in life’ even mean? I suspect the lack of touring over the last 16 months has not helped and this pent-up frustration explodes with a snarling "I'm not fine" repeated over and over again.
"We’ve spoken every day for 8 years and what do I do when you’re gone?" asks Karla.
'How Does The Story Go?’ grows more raucous with its building no nonsense attitude. The guitar-driven hooks and motoric rhythm create a sound that is both urgent and vital. Sprints continue to tell their stories within the current social and economic uncertainty, but the humour is always there. Just listen out for the last lyric “Can we go now?” sings a totally fed-up sounding lead singer!.
Sprints’ will release their second EP this year via Nice Swan Records and the band will tour the U.K. and Ireland in November. I suggest you get hold of those gig tickets while you can.​​​​​​​
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