Belfast band Virgins, core members are comprised of Michael Smyth and Brook-Valentine Lorimer, have just released their debut single 'Vows'.
This is the Cocteau Twins with added guitars and drums – and it is exquisite. Opening with fuzzy guitars, the introduction of Brooks vocals will take your breath away. It is unexpected and delicious all at the same time. Lyrically 'Vows' warns against taking actions simply to appease others, particularly when they are contrary to your own beliefs. The density of this track is wonderful with the support of a drum beat which captures you and reminds you to create your own path. Brooks vocals ebbs and flows, carrying you along and even when accompanying the guitar key changes it is captivating.

It comes as no surprise that Brook has a proven pedigree having sung with ex-members of The Specials and Dexys Midnight Runners while playing in bands in the UK. There is a Liz Fraser quality to her vocals which simply floats and wraps around you.
Michael also has an impressive background in music including playing drums in Tusks, fronting heavy pop outfit THVS, currently playing guitar in Paper Tigers plus promoting shows under Old Crows Promotions. In Virgins he is responsible for the instrumentation, song writing and melodies.
They knew each other in their youth but a chance encounter has led them to form Virgins. If they continue to produce music of this beauty, then we are fortunate indeed for such coincidences.
Check out the official video for the new single here:
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