Bristol is a hotbed of musical talent. Saloon Dion were picked up by Permanent Creep Records, who are currently riding high with indie faves VLURE, from the very start and now give us their debut single 'Deal or No Deal'.
All 4 are members of various Bristol bands (Football FC, Kimbo Nice, Ratbags and Ben) and got together after a number of post-gig chats.
'Deal or No Deal' is all about being comfortable in your own skin. This positivity shines through the opening of the track with crashing drums, funky guitar riffs and chatty background vocals. The lovely funkiness grows until we get into the lyrics - chuck conformity out of the window, don’t get complacent and don’t feel anxious about by being yourself is the message:

“I fall on my knees when I’m faced with distress.
A bullet to the chest in my Sunday best.”

The grooviness just builds with a wicked bassline that has your toes tapping. It epitomises growing self-confidence as the belief in your own view of the world also grows. This track is funky fun. I love the spoken “you weren’t expecting that were you?” at the end and the clapping just perfectly rounds off ‘Deal or No Deal’.
It's wonderful to be able to talk about gigs at last. Fingers-crossed you can see Saloon Dion supporting Grandma’s House and Slagheap at The Thunderbolt, Bristol on 25th June.
In the meantime, as Saloon Dion say “here I am, like it or lump it”. Couldn’t put it better myself!
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