SCALPING are James Rushforth, Alex Hill, Isaac Jones, Jamie Thomas and Jason Baker. The end of 2020 saw them sign to London based independent record label Houndstooth, releasing blistering single ‘Deadlock’ and being named as “100 for 2021” by the NME.
Right now SCALPING are preparing for their first full body of work ‘FLOOD’ EP which is set for release June 18th. I absolutely have my order in……..
With lockdowns easing and gigs on the horizon, it feels so appropriate to have some techno music to lift the spirits as we move towards more freedom. Bristol based SCALPING released new single 'Monolithium' on 21 April 2021. This is dance music on an industrial scale - four and a half minutes of ferocious beats. BOOM straight in from the first note. No warm-up or gently easing in - straight into pulsating rhythm. There is an electrifying combination of guitars and drums along with the synths and the soundscape, which produces pure techno gold. Echoes of The Prodigy can be heard throughout, and of course that can only be a good thing. This is dance music perfect for our times.
Check out the official video for 'Monolithium' here:
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