South London based trio Ski Lift release their second single 'Portal' on Friday 12th of March. It is a perfect jangly fun track for that end of the week celebration, even if that is in our kitchens right now! We live in complicated times and so need an injection of indie-infused pop. This is a track full of vivid colours, delicious harmonies and summer vibes. The lyrics made me laugh, which is a great thing to experience at the moment. “If I had a portal, just a little portal, I would stick my head in the clouds and see how big the world can be.” Oh to be able to broaden our horizons and shift our perceptions based on a particular viewpoint. Ski Lift are reminding us to dream big and find comfort in the process of change. But this reminder is being delivered in a 2 minute burst of exuberant guitar driven indie-pop.​​​​​​​
Vocalist and songwriter Benji Tranter says “It’s a love song to nature, but also a peacemaking process with my new hometown of Croydon - having grown up in the beautiful countryside of the Welsh border, I have always found the transition between city and country to be a strange and bewildering thing to experience. But I have learned over the years that you can find vibrant energy in the fields and forests, and peace and solitude in the midst of a bustling city, if you look for it.”
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