I love it when you can learn really cool stuff by reviewing music. For example did you know that there was a social phenomenon called Dancing Mania that struck primarily mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries? Outbreaks saw masses of people spontaneously dancing erratically. It was not an isolated occurrence and was well documented. Musicians would often be called upon to accompany the manias and many of those entranced died from exhaustion. Historians are still unclear as to the cause of these outbreaks.
Slender Pins have taken this bizarre historical occurrence and written a song inspired by it. Created two years ago 'Dancing Mania (I want to want to dance)' was already played as their energetic set-opener before the world changed forever. It feels entirely appropriate that as we move, however slowly, towards a post-lockdown UK, 'Dancing Mania (I want to want to dance)' was self-released as Slender Pins new single on 25th of June.
The London 4-piece blend a mixture of punk and rock and roll, to raucous effect. 'Dancing Mania (I want to want to dance)' is no exception. Straight in with an electrifying guitar riff and wild drums. This really is fast and furious. It’s spellbinding hooks defies you not to dance. The groove has twists and turns, with a spoken-word bridge which tells the haunting backstory before powering back into the anthemic chorus and a final burst of energy to the end.
Discussing the track, drummer Ed said:
"When Ash (vocals) and Alex (guitarist) showed me the song at rehearsal I loved it straight away. Ash told me the history of dancing mania and I was transfixed. Google it, it’s fascinating. The notion of it has such a sense of warped optimism. Irony is a wonderful thing, a song about a historic “plague” recorded in between pandemic lockdowns. Listen closely and there’s a synth lurking around somewhere in the mix."
Their debut EP will be released later this year.
Lets hope Dancing Mania breaks out on a dancefloor near you sometime soon!
“I wanna move in another dimension”.
Live Dates:
25 September - Camden Assembly, London (Hot Vox Promotions)
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