West London based Slender Pins, comprised of Ash (vocals), Alex (guitar), Ed (drums) and Rob (bass), follow up previous single - the raucous “Apprentice to Life” - with the much grittier track “Visions”, which was released on Sunday 1st November.
“Visions” reflects modern life particularly at this time, with a foreboding sense of lack of opportunity to improve one’s lot. The lyrics and atmosphere of the track associate itself with the monotonous routine of increasing work hours, for less income, saddled with debt and no possibility of retirement. It’s a theme which has its roots in the bleak years of the 1970s but unfortunately, it’s just as relevant today. However, this is a spikey track, with perfectly synched guitars and drums which you appreciate even more when you learn that this song was recorded live in a single take. It is tight and precise. Singer Ash reminds me of Robert Smith, Bryan Ferry or John Lydon with that wonderful effortless sounding versatile vocal which actually must be very difficult to execute. The atmosphere is one of an unease with modern life, further intensified by the current global pandemic. Yet it has a danceability factor which is a signature feature of Slender Pins, and which personally is always a massive plus in a track!
Their live gigs have been described as “organised chaos”, surely they are the best type. Boy oh boy, what I would give for one of those right now…..​​​​​​​
Check out the video for their previous single "Apprentice to Life" here:
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