Slobheads are a two-piece trash punk band from South-West London, comprised of Harry Jarvis and Macey Sherman.
Their new release ‘Ain’t Nothing New’ is an irreverent track about the never-ending cycle and frustrations of working life, and how we handle it.
Thrashing drums and the jangly guitar provide the sonic landscape for the tongue in cheek lyrics. This is punk rock with a fistful of fun as well attitude. I have to repeat that this is a duo and the amount of noise they create is truly impressive. The guitar in particular stands out - the sound created as they move between chords just adds to the whole punk ethic.
It pumps up faster and faster towards the end, reminiscent of the hamster wheel which just keeps going round and round and round…….Eventually it just collapses in a heap exhausted because “it’s just the same old, same old”.
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